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Yugioh Tournaments Las Vegas

Battle It Out For The Title Of Yugioh Champion

There are numerous Yugioh trading card game fans around the world. They love the franchise and have often enjoyed it since it first came out in the late 1990’s. This is particularly true in the city of Las Vegas.

Tournaments are a big draw for players of the card game. This is the best way to meet other card players and compete in the game. Keep in mind that tournaments are a great way to show off strategies and learn new information from other players who may have been playing the game a little longer than some others. This is critical as this game requires a lot of strategy and the best players are always learning new skills from one another.

We make every effort to create the best tournaments for players in the Las Vegas area here at our gaming shop. We set aside a special area in the shop solely devoted to this trading card game. We also sell the cards so that players can build their collections up and add to the decks that they build. It is important to make sure that they get all of the latest cards and see what is new in the game. Having the newest cards in hand is the best way to build up strategy and learn more about the way that the game is changing.

Playing against others interested in this game is certainly competitive. There are prizes on the line, and everyone wants to be crowned the winner at the end of the day. That being said, a lot of players are very helpful with one another to help build up confidence of new players and share unique ideas with those who have been playing for a while now. It is a friendly environment that is welcoming to everyone.

Most really just want a place to play the game and learn more about it. They want to get away from the isolation that comes with just collecting the cards and never getting the chance to actually play. It is something that unfortunately happens to all too many players. The way to combat that is to look for places like our shop that allow new players to take their chances on the game and learn new things.

We hope that you will stop by and see what is going on in the world of Yugioh. We are sure you will be surprised.

Xbox One Green Screen of Death

If you are like many of the millions of gamers out there, chances are that you are in the process of owning or currently own a next-gen system such as the Xbox One. The Xbox one was released in November 2013 equipped with a host of features, some of which users were familiar with from the Xbox 360 (such as Xbox Live) while others were unique to the new system, such as Streaming. Since games are rapidly being released for the Xbox One, it is no surprise that it is beginning to pick up sales and will continue to do so as titles like Halo 5 are released for the system.

There’s one risk associated with buying the Xbox One though: it has chances of getting dysfunctional when the green screen appears, which is popularly known as the Xbox One Green Screen of Death (GSOD). Like the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death that many gamers came to loath, the Xbox One Green Screen of Death is another malfunctioning error that plagues many console owners.

The issue is an indication of a major failure in the system; it means that the Xbox One has failed. Xbox One consoles — and all other gaming systems for that matter — rely on internal data, including their operating systems, to run properly. Having a piece of hardware without an OS is like having a car without an engine or water without the glass. In the case of the Green Screen of Death, the internal disk drive becomes corrupt. As a result, the console “doesn’t know” how to work, so to speak.

There is one method you can use if this problem crops up. First, try to switch Off your system by holding down the power button for 10 seconds. Afterwards, reboot the console as usual and let the Green Screen of Death appear for 10 minutes.

If your Xbox One doesn’t fix itself after this, then fixing the problem requires more technical knowledge. It will call for an extensive revision of the hard drive’s internal data. Does this sound too complicated? Don’t worry; trained professionals can repair the Xbox One Green Screen of Death.

Attempting to fix things on your own can be risky if you do not have an extensive background in hardware repair or are not completely sure of what you are doing. What’s more, trying to fix your Xbox can be tedious and time-consuming. Leaving this type of work to relevant experts is the safest and most hassle-free method of having your Xbox One returned to its original state.

YuGiOh Tournament Hosted by Game Repair

Game Repair will be hosting its first YuGiOh Tournament on Sunday the 15th of February! Sign ups start at 12pm and the tournament starts at 1pm. Buy in is $5 unless you bring a friend to join as well, then its FREE! Each player entered in the tournament gets a swag bag. Also up to $90 in prizes for the winners!

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Yu-Gi-Oh Booster Packs Las Vegas

Game Repair is now carrying Yu-Gi-Oh Booster packs as well as many other booster packs, protective sleeves and much more for all your TCG needs! If you buy any booster pack at Game Repair in Las Vegas before February 13th you will receive $1.00 off a Yu-Gi-Oh Secret Forces booster pack!

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Black Friday Sale Game Repair 2014

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Black Friday Game Repair

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Monday through Saturday Video Game Sale Las Vegas

ATTENTION: Starting today – Monday through Saturday from 7pm to 9pm, buy any used game and get a 2nd game of equal or lesser value for 25% OFF!!!

Discounted game must be for the same system as regular priced game.
Discounted NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, GameCube, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and Playstation 1 games must be under $15.00.
Discounted games for all other systems must be under $30.00.

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Toys For Tots 2014

Hey everyone we just wanted everyone to know we are an official drop off for Toys For Tots again this year! We are also excited to offer FREE disc resurface’s for each toy you bring in for donation (LIMIT 5). Thanks for your time and Happy Holidays!!!

Wireless Bluetooth Double Shock Controller for PS3

Are you tired of using the same Playstation 3 controller that everyone else has? Do you wish there were a product on the market that was easy to use and reliable? The wireless bluetooth double shock controller for PS3 is just that product. It’s lightweight design is targeted for the gamer who wants to have his or her controller become an extension of themselves.

In the video game world hardware and response times are extremely crucial. If your buttons and joysticks are just a centimeter off, it could mean losing the game. The double shock controller comes with grip pads located on the handles to ensure your grip never gives out during those long gaming sessions. On top of this, portability is a must in today’s age of gaming. The double shock controller comes built with an ion battery pack located on the back of the device. This allows the gamer to charge their joystick while they’re away and freely move when they’re gaming.

To add even more portability the controller runs off of Bluetooth technology. This allows you to get full range of motion and will even let you game from your couch or bed. Tangled wires and tripping over cords is a thing of the past! The cords begin to deteriorate over time and cost you money in the long run. The wireless double shock controller aims to eliminate that and provide you with the best gaming experience possible.

The wireless bluetooth double shock controller is also a third party product that isn’t mass produced by Sony. This means that you have a design made by a company that strictly creates high quality gaming products and is crafted with the gamer in mind. Large organizations often skimp over the small details that game players pay attention to. When you have an organization that’s made by gamers for gamers, you can’t go wrong. Their main focus with the double shock controller was to eliminate useless design flaws and craft a controller that ‘just works.’ Can the other companies say that?

The sleek design of the wireless bluetooth double shock controller for PS3 really stands out against the other gaming controllers on the market today. The next time you’re beating your friends in your favorite video games and they ask you what your secret is you can say “besides having more skill, I’ve got the best controller out right now!”

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Halloween Sale

Halloween Sale!!!
Buy 2 Get 1 FREE on all NES, SNES, Genesis, and PS2 games!*
Spend $50.00 or more and get a FREE issue of RETRO Magazine**
15% OFF all custom hydro dipped, and polished shells for Xbox 360 and Xbox One!
This is for today ONLY!
* All the games on the wall (not the glass case).
** Does not include repairs

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