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Fall is here folks, and that means game companies will be churning out even more games from now until the holidays. Things are finally cooling off here in Las Vegas and we’re looking forward to a few of the years final big titles available on the newest generation of consoles.

Bayonetta 2 looks insane and beautiful, and with the power the newest generation of consoles is packing, I’m looking forward to the button-mashing madness that is ahead. Some fans of the original are worried this sequel won’t live up to its predecessor, but Platinum Games has a solid track record, which leaves little room for doubt that the swordplay and fluidity will be anything less than stellar.

Love swords? Us too, and that’s only the first reason why I can’t wait to play Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. In case you missed it, this game will be running a little thing called the Nemesis system. Instead of playing against nameless hoards of Orcs and Uruk captains like in the previous Lord of the Rings games, these baddies have names and memories and I imagine a particularly foul odor. Basically, if an Orc kills you, it will remember it, and having killed you, it will be stronger. Better still, even if you kill an enemy, they don’t stay dead. What? You thought that you were the only one allowed to come back from the grave having learned from your mistakes? Fool of a Took!

Next time you hear someone say, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” tell that person to shut up and play The Last of Us on the PS4. It’s been remastered with 1080p resolution plus a few minor tweaks. 2013s Game of the Year just got its second wind, and it looks gorgeous. If you haven’t played this yet, now’s your chance, and even if you have played it, you should probably play it again. Video game storytelling doesn’t get much better than this. Hey Naughty Dog, take my money now!

If swords and survival aren’t your thing, you still have a horse in the race. Wii U has the newest iteration of Super Smash Bros. Honestly, it doesn’t matter how old you are, these games are fun. Nintendo’s flagship fighting game has and continues to be one of the most solid games for their systems. Besides being next-gen quality pretty and boasting new characters—I call dibs on Mega Man—Wii U’s Super Smash Bros. will be making some improvements to the gameplay to make it more competitive.

Okay, at some point, whether your facing down an over-powered boss in Bayonetta 2, playing Smash Bros with your spastic cousin, or re-killing a particularly resilient Uruk in Shadow of Mordor something bad might happen. Whether it’s a jammed joystick or your system has locked up, come of all the video game stores Las Vegas has, we’re here to help keep you gaming. Bring it in to us and we’ll get you back to gaming like we’ve been doing for the last 25 years.

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