Bass Landing Fishing Reel Rod Controller + Bass Landing / Reel Fishing PS1


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Product Overview

Reel Action! The PS1 Fishing Controller is every fishing enthusiast's dream. This authentic controller features a rod-and-reel-inspired design as well as internal vibration feedback motors that simulate the nibbles, strikes and pull of real fish! Also, built-in Motion Sensors react to upward, downward, and lateral movement of the controller. With the flick of your wrist, you can cast your bait or set your hook!

Reel Fishing is the first in the Reel Fishing series of fishing video games. It was released on the PlayStation. It was published by Natsume Inc.

When hooking a fish, the player must wait until its mouth has completely covered the hook, then hit the reel button to set the hook. Once the hook is set, the player can reel it in. If the player reels when the fish is resisting, there is a greater chance of the line snapping and of the player losing the fish. When the fish is speeding away and then slows, the fish has a lesser chance of resisting.

One a fish is caught, the player can put it into their personal aquarium, in which the fish can be fed and raised.