Breath of Fire IV 4 * PS1 * Sony PlayStation 1 * 1999 * Disc Only


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In “Breath of Fire IV,” Princess Elina has mysteriously disappeared in a war torn land. It is up to Nina, Elina's sister, and the boy Ryu, who possesses the ability to transform into dragons, to venture across the lands to rescue her from unknown dangers. The fourth installment of the popular role playing series for PlayStation, “Breath of Fire IV” takes you on a journey filled with unique collectible characters and personal quests in addition to an unrivaled story line. You can combine skill and strategy as you gain knowledge and cool attacks, interact with the surrounding 3D environment, and battle through enemies with three team members at a time. “Breath of Fire IV” allows for high levels of character and battle customization. In addition to trading medals between characters to swap core abilities, it is up to you to control Ryu's magic dragon forms and decide which path is best to be victorious.“Breath of Fire IV” is a role playing video game developed by Capcom. The Japanese Version is called “Breath of Fire IV: Utsurowazaru Mono.” The North American Sony PlayStation home console version had a release date of November 28, 2000.Similar to previous games in the “Breath of Fire” series, this game follows the dragon boy Ryu, who has amnesia as well as the unique ability to shape shift and breathe fire. He teams up with other warriors to combat an evil emperor named Fou-Lu from destroying the earth. The world of “Breath of Fire” is divided in half: the Western Fou Empire, modeled after east Asian cultures, and the Eastern Kingdoms, modeled after both Medieval Europe and the Arab world. The game is a blend of two and three dimensional computer graphics, making for visually stunning gameplay.Players move about through the fully 3D game environment, looking down from above. Players can interact with other characters and objects in the game, search for and gather important clues and information to help them advance to the next levels of the game, and eventually save Elina. Along the way, they meet a host of other people. For example, there is Cray, Elina's love interest, and the robot like Ershin who acts as a guide for the heroes. Each character is endowed with unique "field skills" that give them special capabilities to help solve puzzles or pass obstacles. Ryu, in particular, has the special ability to transform into a dragon that can breathe fire. Throughout gameplay in “Breath of Fire IV,” players will pass through hostile areas where they will randomly encounter battles. These are turn based fight sequences in which teams of three characters fight enemy opponents, performing battling actions as chosen by the player.“Breath of Fire IV” by Capcom has a little of everything - a beautifully rendered magic 3D world, exciting battles, challenging puzzles, and intricate heroes and plot lines. You can use your skills and guts to help Ryu and Nina save the princess and all the kingdom from the evil Fou-Lu. This game can appeal to fans of Final Fantasy or anyone who likes fantasy video games. Whether you are new to role player games or a veteran of the RPG community, “Breath of Fire IV” can be a video game you will want to add to your PlayStation collection.