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Final Fight 3 is the third game in the Final Fight series that was developed for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System by Capcom. There are a total of four playable characters, including Mike Haggar, Guy, Lucia, and Dean. This title sees the return of Haggar and Guy from the previous version of the game while Lucia and Dean are exclusive to this SNES release. It is a solid beat ‘em up style fighting game with the player taking on the new Skull Cross Gang. Players can solo the game themselves or fight with a friend or the CPU as a teammate. There are six stages and a branching path level selection system, which increases replay and gives players more bosses and unique enemies to fight.The controls of Final Fight are based on the SNES release of Street Fighter and contain many of the same move sets. Additionally, the use of a power gauge has been brought over from the SNES version of Street Fighter, thus enabling players to build up their power gauges and unleash super moves on their opponents. Bosses and minibosses have their own super moves as well, challenging the player to block or dodge to exploit the opponent and then defeat them. Players can also learn and execute combos to more quickly eliminate bosses as well as smaller foes. The game also has an assortment of weapons from knives, poles, and bats to swords and nunchaku. Each character has a weapon they are especially proficient at using. For example, Guy will do more damage with the nunchaku than other characters. Each character also fights differently with some favoring speed, combos, or other advantages. All weapons are only temporary and will break after a few uses; this helps challenge the player to make smart use of them. Players can also smash parts of the environment such as tables, chairs, vending machines, and cars in search of power-ups and health restoring items.Like other Final Fight games, Final Fight 3 for the SNES is best played cooperatively. Players who play alone can use a CPU-controlled fighter of their choice or attempt to solo the game for a real challenge. When two or more players team up, however, they are able to fight together, bashing enemies back and forth between them and sneaking up behind an engaged enemy for extra damage. Multiple players can also break holds or other attacks being performed on a partner. With each player using their controller, it is possible to execute combos that can play off one another, enabling players to wreak havoc on their enemies.Final Fight 3 from Capcom makes for a fun challenge when played solo and an excellent slugfest when played cooperatively. The easy-to-learn move set, combined with fast-paced action over a branching series of levels, makes Final Fight 3 the final word when it comes to arcade-style action.