Maid Of Sker (Limited Run Games) (PS5 Playstation 5)

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Product Overview

In Maid of Sker, players take on the role of Thomas Evans, as he navigates through the eerie and abandoned Sker Hotel in 1898. Using a first-person perspective, players must outsmart the hotel's blind enemies known as "The Quiet Ones," who have the ability to track Thomas down by the noise he makes.

Since Thomas is unable to fight back, players must utilize stealth and distraction tactics to sneak past the enemies and safely explore the hotel grounds. This means avoiding noise at all costs, holding one's breath when near a Quiet One, and carefully navigating through environments to avoid coughing or rustling objects.

The Phonic Modulator sends shock waves across the room that stun enemies for a brief period, allowing Thomas to escape them. Mid-game, players are given a temporary weapon called the Phonic Modulator, which uses shock waves to temporarily damage the enemies' hearing and stun them. However, players must use this weapon sparingly as ammunition is limited.

The game features a manual save style; there is no autosave. To save the game, the player has to find "safe rooms". These rooms have green-tinted patterned doors, and inside the rooms are gramophones the player has to play to save the game. This saving system has been compared to that in the Resident Evil games. The game has also been compared to Outlast in terms of its gameplay style, and The Evil Within 2 and Silent Hill for its atmosphere.

The game includes puzzles and missions to unlock special keys that grant access to different areas of the map, as well as collecting brass cylinders and optional collectible doll figures that act as music boxes. As the game progresses, the difficulty increases, making it harder to save, find ammunition and healing items, and survive against the more aggressive enemies.