Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Repair

Joy-Con Repair

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Repair

How would you feel if your Joy-Con controller detects movement even when you haven’t touched the thumb stick? Any video game enthusiast will tell you that Joy-Con drift is one of the most common headaches when it comes to gaming. Nintendo switch Joy-Con drift has been reported a gazillion times in the last few years.

Is there anything that can be done to repair the Joy-Con and give gamers some peace? Absolutely yes. But then, drifting is not the only problem that players encounter with switch Joy-Cons? What else happens? Read on to find out.

Common Problems with Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

There are a bunch of issues that gamers go through when handling the switch Joy-Con controllers. Here are some of the most common ones. Check them out.

1. Joy-Con drift

This is the situation in which the detachable Joy-Con controller senses movement and gives an output when there is no input. It gives false signals, causing video characters to move to directions not prompted by the gamer. This makes the whole video game a pain in the neck.

A movement signal can be detected even when the player hasn’t touched the Joy-Con at all. Joy-Con drift is the most common problem that gamers face with Nintendo switches.

2. Lack of Synchronization between the Joy-Cons

For the gamer to achieve their game mission, the right and the left Joy-Cons must work hand in hand. They should be able to co-ordinate and detect the right signals to produce the desired output.

Nintendo switch users have reported a lack of synchronization of the left Joy-Con. Also, this Joy-Con keeps unpairing throughout the game, making the experience difficult for the player.

3. Obstruction

When working with a detached joycon, there should be no obstacle between the controller and the switch. Since it works on Bluetooth mode, any kind of obstruction may interfere with the transmission of the Bluetooth signal, causing problems in the game.

Other wireless electronic devices within the surrounding may also affect the joycon signal. Hence, be sure to switch them off.

4. Loose joycons

When you attach the joycon controller onto the switch, it should snap in and hold firmly. Some joycons will hold loosely while others will simply slide through.

Whenever you spot such a problem, chances are that the parts holding the joycon and the switch together are broken or worn out. Sometimes, it could be the wrong size of the joycon controller.

How to Repair the Nintendo Switch Joycon

The easiest way to come up with a solution is to first know what problem you have at hand. Now that you know what the common problems are when it comes to joycons, let’s get right into the possible solutions.

Here are some fantastic suggestions for joycon repair.

1. Clean it up

Just like any other moving parts of a machine, the base of the joystick requires lubrication. With time, dirt can accumulate and cause a lot of friction during movement. This may end up creating a joycon drift or making it hard for the joycon to detect movement.

Cleaning not only removes debris but it also helps in lubrication. Make sure you use a contact cleaner that is certified for cleaning electrical parts. You only want to clean your controller, not damage it.

2. Calibrate it

Sometimes, all your Nintendo switch joycon requires is calibration. Make sure you check your settings, especially if it’s new. Wrong settings can also cause joycon drift – one reason why you should enter the correct settings.

To calibrate your joycon, simply go to System Settings then choose Controllers and Sensors. Click on Calibrate Control Sticks and follow the procedure that appears. This will play a great role in determining your joycon sensitivity and accuracy.

3. Attach it on the switch

Wired connections are always stronger and more reliable than wireless ones. The same theory applies to joycons. When using a detached joycon, you will most likely experience obstruction of the Bluetooth signal.

The line of sight should always be clear to make sure the waves are transmitted to the switch without interference. Attaching the joycon to the switch and operating in the hand-held position can be an excellent solution for obstruction.

Obstacles can be anything from a human body to electrical appliances operating on a wireless connection. Make sure you witch them off and keep people out of the line of sight.

4. Replace it

Schedule a repair with Game Repair or contact us and if we cannot fix it the replacing it is the only other option. Although this should probably be the last resort, it is one of the surest ways of solving your joycon problems. A joycon repair may fail, forcing you to perform a total replacement.

A loose or slipping joycon could mean it isn’t the right size for the switch. Trying different sizes may lead you to the perfect size that firmly fits into the switch.

Wear, tear, and breakage also cause loose or sliding joycons. If the attaching hinge is the problem, contact an expert help. In case you need a replacement, the best place to order it is from the manufacturer. Even so, you can find joycons on Amazon that match your brand.

Once you have the replacement, you may want a veteran to help you with fixing the new joycon thumb stick.

5. Call the manufacturer

Once you’ve exhausted all the available options without success, you may have to contact the manufacturer. If your device has a warranty, you will be entitled to free servicing or a replacement.

Note that the warranty can’t be honored if you’ve broken its requirements. For instance, you may not have rights to a replacement if you’ve opened the inside of your controller.


Joy-con problems will always be there. If you still want to enjoy your video games without risking a heart attack, make sure you perform frequent maintenance of the game console. Since the joycon does most of the work, give it more attention.

Frequent cleaning should keep it in good shape and prevent some of the common problems. Also, keep your device calibrated to produce correct signals only when it’s supposed to. A good maintenance practice will both give you amazing gaming experience and lifelong mileage. Keep your joycon in check and enjoy video gaming!

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