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Get your Nintendo Wii back up and running with the Wii Repair service. We fix all Wii that can not read discs, eject discs, no power, can’t sync with the remote and more!


Nintendo Wii

Motherboard Repair Call
Laser Drive Repair $35.00 to $45.00
Disc Extraction $35.00
Fan Replacement $25.00
All Other Issues Call

Wii Repair in Las Vegas

If you own a Nintendo Wii, you know it can be a great deal of fun. Unfortunately, that fun tends to stop as soon as there is a problem with the unit itself. If you want to make sure that you get your Wii back up and running, you should consider sending it out to a repair service.

Of course, the best reason to have your Nintendo Wii repaired is simple economics. The system retails for around two hundred dollars new in most areas, a price point that has remained relatively stable even with the introduction of its successor system. As more people have moved towards buying the Wii U, this means that parts have become more scarce and that replacing a part on your own has become more difficult. If you work with a repair service to make sure that your Wii gets back to playable shape, though, you can save most of what you would spend on buying and entirely new unit.

Not only is it cheaper to use a Wii repair service in Las Vegas than to buy a new system, but it is always important to leave your Nintendo Wii repair needs to a professional. The Wii is a complex piece of machinery, something that even a dedicated computer professional should think twice about touching. It is not just that the machine is complex, but the fact that you can easily make a problem worse by trying some of the “quick fixes” found on the internet. Those who actually work with the system know what it takes to get Wii repair done in a manner that will actually put your system back in working order.

Your Wii really can benefit from getting repaired in Las Vegas. Whether you need a minor problem addressed or the system does not work, it is always cheaper to try to get it repaired than to replace it outright. It only takes a bit of time to get the work done, but you will be left with a system that is as good as new.

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