Wireless Bluetooth Double Shock Controller for PS3

Are you tired of using the same Playstation 3 controller that everyone else has? Do you wish there were a product on the market that was easy to use and reliable? The wireless bluetooth double shock controller for PS3 is just that product. It’s lightweight design is targeted for the gamer who wants to have his or her controller become an extension of themselves.

In the video game world hardware and response times are extremely crucial. If your buttons and joysticks are just a centimeter off, it could mean losing the game. The double shock controller comes with grip pads located on the handles to ensure your grip never gives out during those long gaming sessions. On top of this, portability is a must in today’s age of gaming. The double shock controller comes built with an ion battery pack located on the back of the device. This allows the gamer to charge their joystick while they’re away and freely move when they’re gaming.

To add even more portability the controller runs off of Bluetooth technology. This allows you to get full range of motion and will even let you game from your couch or bed. Tangled wires and tripping over cords is a thing of the past! The cords begin to deteriorate over time and cost you money in the long run. The wireless double shock controller aims to eliminate that and provide you with the best gaming experience possible.

The wireless bluetooth double shock controller is also a third party product that isn’t mass produced by Sony. This means that you have a design made by a company that strictly creates high quality gaming products and is crafted with the gamer in mind. Large organizations often skimp over the small details that game players pay attention to. When you have an organization that’s made by gamers for gamers, you can’t go wrong. Their main focus with the double shock controller was to eliminate useless design flaws and craft a controller that ‘just works.’ Can the other companies say that?

The sleek design of the wireless bluetooth double shock controller for PS3 really stands out against the other gaming controllers on the market today. The next time you’re beating your friends in your favorite video games and they ask you what your secret is you can say “besides having more skill, I’ve got the best controller out right now!”

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