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Xbox 360

Motherboard Repair $35.00 to $55.00
1, 2, 3, 4 Red Lights of Death Repair $35.00 to $55.00
Laser Drive Repair (Disc Read Error) $35.00 to $50.00
Stuck Disc Drive $25.00 to $35.00
PCB Board Repair $25.00 to $45.00
All Other Issues Call
Xbox 360 Controller Analog Stick Repair $25.00
All Other Issues Call

Xbox 360 Repair in Las Vegas

The XBOX 360 is one of the best gaming systems on the market today. Unfortunately, it is also notorious for the number of hardware problems that have been present throughout the system’s life. Whether these problems are major issues that cause the system to become unplayable or minor problems that make life more difficult on gamers, there are ways for the console to be repaired. If you can work with a console repair service that employees professionals and that you can trust, you do not have to worry about Microsoft’s lengthy repair times or the possibility of further damage to your console.

If you are talking about XBOX 360 repairs, you have to started with the dreaded RROD Red Ring of Death. The Red Ring was responsible for turning enough consoles into attractive bricks that Microsoft was forced to extend warranties and eventually redesign the console itself. Unfortunately, most of those who have consoles that Red Ring today are long out of warranty and have to deal with an expensive and lengthy repair process if they send their consoles back to Microsoft. If you want to get your console back in working order in time to play your favorite games, your best bet is to send it off to a legitimate console repair service that has experience with the Red Ring of Death.

Unfortunately, the XBOX 360 also has a number of common problems that are typically ignored by Microsoft. Issues like the disc drive not ejecting, discs not reading or even no picture or sound are incredibly common. Getting these problems fixed really does require working with a console repair service, as Microsoft tends to consider these problems below their notice. This means if you are dealing with the Xbox locking or freezing or even the console scratching video game disk, you have to be prepared to replace or repair your console without support from the manufacturer.

If you want to keep your original XBOX and want it back in time to enjoy your games, why not get it repaired. The process is cheaper than getting a new console and takes less time than you might imagine. No matter what problem your XBOX suffers from, the odds are that it can be repaired by the professionals. Taking the time to have someone who knows what they are doing look at your XBOX is both a great way to save money on your console and a great way to make sure that any repairs done will not cause further harm to the system.

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