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Game Repair in Las Vegas can fix Xbox 360 red light issues, Laser Drive issues and more!
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We fix Red Ring Error Codes, Disk Drives, Xbox
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Xbox 360

Motherboard Repair$35.00 to $55.00
1, 2, 3, 4 Red Lights of Death Repair$35.00 to $55.00
Laser Drive Repair (Disc Read Error)$35.00 to $50.00
Stuck Disc Drive$25.00 to $35.00
PCB Board Repair$25.00 to $45.00
All Other IssuesCall
Xbox 360 ControllerAnalog Stick Repair$25.00
All Other IssuesCall

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We provide superior console repair services to hundreds of systems weekly from our Las Vegas repair facility.
Whether you have a single console or are one of our many wholesale customers. We will have your system inspected and a quote prepared usually within 24 hours of receiving your system for inspection.