Xbox One HDMI Repair Las Vegas at Game Repair

Xbox One HDMI Repair Las Vegas

Xbox One HDMI Repair Las Vegas at Game Repair

HDMI ports usually go through the most issues when it comes to their handling. From gamers excitedly jamming the port to the socket to people tripping over the wires, thus causing a short circuit, all this in the long run, warrants an Xbox One HDMI repair in Las Vegas at Game Repair.

Xbox One consoles are, however, designed to be more resilient, but even they, unfortunately, do fail. A broken HDMI port ultimately means that you won’t play your game since the HDMI needs to communicate with your TV.

How Can You Tell that Your Xbox One HDMI is Broken?

There are various ways to tell whether your HDMI port is broken or not. The obvious one is a ‘no signal’ sign on your TV. Another way you can tell that your HDMI port needs repair is if your screen has some ‘snow lines’ or ‘fuzz’.

If such instances occur, it means that your HDMI port is probably missing some pins, is broken or bent in some places. It could also mean that the HDMI socket is misaligned. Broken HDMI ports are a common and fixable occurrence. If your HDMI port is broken, you need to let a professional, such as Game Repair Las Vegas, look at it.

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How Do You Repair An Xbox One HDMI Port?

1. Collect The Repair Parts

The first thing you need to do to fix your broken HDMI port is to ensure that you have all the necessary pieces. You should never use generic parts, as this could lead to even more problems for your console. Always ensure that you use the components designed for your Xbox, as provided by Microsoft.

2. Get Rid of the Old Port

After you’ve assembled all the repair parts you need, the next step is to remove the old port. An Xbox HDMI port is usually mounted to the motherboard using several large pins and 19 small ones. You need to remove those large and small pins to access the port and get it out.

For this step, you need to exercise plenty of caution to ensure that the solder pads on the motherboard don’t rip off when you remove the smaller pins.

3. Install a New Port

After carefully removing the old port and the pins from the motherboard, you need to install a new port. Always make sure that the new HDMI port is aligned with the smaller pins. The large ones should also be soldered carefully on the motherboard.

4. Smolder the Small Pins

After you’ve secured the motherboard with the large pins, you can start soldering the small ones. At Game Repair Las Vegas, we recommend using a magnifying device such as a microscope to make sure that the small pins are fused securely and in the right way.

Seek Professional Help from Game Repair for your Xbox One HDMI Repair in Las Vegas

In case you are not confident in carrying out the above steps by yourself, Game Repair Las Vegas got you! Our experience spans across three decades, offering affordable and reliable repair services. We pay keen attention to detail in every job we do and our quick and effective customer service makes us a favorite with our clients.

Many game console owners in Las Vegas trust us with their Xbox One HDMI repairs, cleaning, and upgrades for their gaming consoles. We also provide our clients with updated notifications anytime they bring their consoles in for repair. Get in touch with us for your HDMI port repairs in Las Vegas.

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