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Your trusted source for video game repair.

We are the The Original Game Repair for over 34 years now! Family owned and operated and have you the customers to thank to be lucky enough to serve you for all this time. From the Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Xbox 360, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4,Playstation 3, Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and Nintendo Wii and more. Brian Sr. is the original Game Repair owner for all these years and is still here to repair all your video game repair needs and even talk retro video games with you anytime. Brian Sr., Brian Jr. and Keely can be caught having interesting conversations about games, sports, repair stuff, etc. and it really is a fun place to be around. Stop in any day and take a trip down memory lane or let the #1 experienced techs help you with any of your video game repair need. There are many wannabes nowadays so be careful and always remember we give FREE estimates and offer REAL warranties with all our repairs! Thanks again Las Vegas for making us your #1 Video Game Repair store for 34 years.