Disney's Aladdin - Sega Genesis (1993) Authentic, CIB

Virgin Interactive

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Conquer a whole new world as everyone's favorite street urchin, Disney's Aladdin. Based on the 1992 film, Disney's Aladdin for Sega Genesis puts gamers on the flying carpet so they can dip, dodge, zoom, and duck away from angry merchants in the movie's iconic Marketplace of Agrabah and into the Cave of Wonders, home of the magic lamp. This single-player escapade then plunges Aladdin into other perils inside the genie's lamp, the Pyramid, and in the palace of Jafar, Aladdin's sly-of-wit nemesis with the unnerving side eye. Defeating enemies is all in a good day's work, but no Aladdin adventure is complete without the beautiful Princess Jasmine. Saving her from the evil Jafar and winning her love is number one on our hero's to-do list, so get in the game, collect enchanted hearts, foods, and emeralds to keep health and morale high and bring the princess home.