Master Gear Converter Model G-233 (Sega Game Gear SGG) & HANG ON / ASTRO WARRIOR


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Product Overview

The Master Gear Converter, sometimes known simply as the Master Gear, Gear Master Converter or in Brazil, Master Gear Adaptor is an accessory for the Sega Game Gear, allowing the unit to play Sega Master System games.

The history of the device is not fully understood. It was developed by the Hong Kong company, Kalplus and originally released in late 1991. However, there are many different varieties of this device, some officially branded by Sega, so the distribution chain remains a mystery. Kalplus filed a US patent for the device in late 1991, which they held for a brief period between 1993 and 1994, and they also held the "Master Gear" trademark for a while.

The game is a top down shooter, taking place through three levels with a boss at the end of each. Astro Warrior's three levels have many different kinds of enemies that attack in various patterns. The stages have no obstacles. Power-ups can be collected by shooting targets on the ground. These include ship speed increase, a stronger laser weapon, and two Gradius-style options. Capturing Weapons Supply Ships increases the Astoro Raider's speed and firing ability. The player starts with three lives, and if all are lost, the game is over. If the player dies, all power-ups are lost.