Roll Away PS1 PlayStation 1 + Reg Card - Complete CIB

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Product Overview

Roll Away is a puzzle game that has you controlling a beach ball atop 3D mazes suspended high in the air. The object? To find the key(s) needed to activate the level's exit. Working against you is a time limit, represented by an hourglass at the top of the screen, as well as various obstacles that can end your life. The dangers include stationary spikes (not a good thing when you're a beach ball), lethargy pills (distort the screen), moving spikes, fire patches, captivators (which ensnare you) and ice patches. Besides negotiating the 3D platforms (which rotate 360 degrees as you move past the edges), you can also jump to avoid the dangers or reach new ledges. There are also the following three "helpful" objects that will either add to your score or activate bonus levels: fruits, coins and gems. Two one-player modes include the regular "Arcade" game and "Time Trial," which has you trying to complete each level within one minute. Two-player games include Time Trial (this time you alternate turns) and Copycat, which has each player trying to duplicate the other person's moves. Roll Away also supports the memory card for saving both high scores and level progress, something that may come in handy with 220 levels! This game is known as Kula World outside of the United States.