Shingen the Ruler (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1990) Authentic ~ CIB


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Product Overview

The player takes on the role of Takeda Shingen, a daimyo in Japan's age of the samurai. He must conquer all 21 of the territories by defeating the armies of the other daimyos. Each territory has a number of statistics including how much crops it is producing, its level of civilization, its loyalty, wealth and a number of other factors including it's armed forces such as cavalry, archers, lancers and infantry. Each turn a player can take steps to improve certain parts of their territory, such as spending money on farm policy, increasing the amount of food available and so on. Once enemy armies clash, there are two types of battle mode. Automatic lets the computer generate the result, or the player can take control in manual mode. Individual units are moved around on the battlefield which has different terrain elements such as walls, trees and rivers.